• Fillers

Fillers of monophasic, cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Adapted to the needs and physiology of the skin, it provides a full spectrum of treatments: from deep moisturizing and firming to volumetry.

Revitrane solutions:

  • Long-lasting effect - thanks to the double crosslinking method of hyaluronic-based hydrogel.
  • Improved viscoelasticity - a natural three-dimensional effect, the gel retains its structure in the tissue without deformation.
  • Safety - the BDDE factor has been completely removed after cross-linking, which guarantees a low risk of allergy.
  • Stable injection - uniform and solid particles of a smooth surface create a consistency that facilitates the administration of the product even with thin needles.
  • Researches - CE, FDA, EDQM certificates.
  • Globally certified equipment - ISO 13485, GMP certification.
  • Parameters