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PDO threadsTreatments with the use of NewU Thread Series PDO threads stimulate the skin's self-regeneration mechanisms, improve its firmness and elasticity. The process of absorption of the thread stimulates the reconstruction of collagen fibers, thanks to which the effects are visible even after the thread is completely dissolved. Shortly after the treatment, wrinkles are reduced and the oval shape and overall condition of the skin are improved. Over time, her skin condition improves and the skin regains its former density and glow.
applicationarms / abdomen / inner thighs / lower face / crow's feet / cheeks / jawline / neck / forehead / glabellar area
advantagesminimally invasive and painless / fast, simple, completely / safe / scar-free / reliable and long-lasting results / can be performed at any time of the year / short recovery time / immediate return to daily activities

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