• Returns and complaints

1. The seller is liable under the warranty within 1 year of delivery.
2. Within 14 (fourteen) days, the Seller will respond to the complaint of the Good reported by the Customer and notify him about the procedure.
3. In order to consider a complaint about a Good, the Customer should send or deliver the complained Good with a VAT invoice. The complained Goods should be delivered or sent to the Seller's address.
4. If the complaint is considered in favor of the customer, the seller may have defects or replace the advertised product with a product free from defects.
5. The customer loses the rights under the warranty, it is necessary to examine the Goods in time and in the manner adopted for Goods of this type and not notify the suppliers and the supplier of the defect. If the defect came to the jaw later - one should not inform the Sellers immediately after it was discovered.
6. Products sold by the Seller may be guarantees given by product producers or distributors. The seller does not provide any warranty for the products sold.
7. In the case of Goods covered by the distributors or manufacturer's warranty, the Customer may complain about a product with defects:
granted with the rights to grant under the granted guarantee. In such ranges of customers there is a mandatory advertisement related to the guarantee, the Seller is only an intermediary forwarding the submitted complaint. The customer, according to the chosen choice, can contact the warranty service or the Sellers.
granted by customers in relation to sellers in relation to non-compliance of the Goods with the contract.
8. The Customer may report to the Seller advertising in connection with the use of services of unauthorized electronic service providers by the Seller. The complaint may be submitted in a new form and sent to the Seller's electronic address. In the complaint, the Customer should include his Log in and a description of the problem. The seller is available, but later than within 14 (fourteen) days, he considers complaints and responses in response to the customer's e-mail address provided in the complaint.